Artist Robin Brisker, born in Chicago, attended 12 schools in 12 years, spent the last 18 years in New Zealand, and recently started plans for the robin brisker studio gallery in wanaka. phone number as of 2017 is 0276412369

This comes after 10 different countries; France, Germany, Denmark, Holland, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, Mexico, New Zealand and America, all of which have hosted a studio and some sort of exhibition. There have also been cities in the USA that have been home to Brisker’s art studio; Dallas, Portland,(Oregon), Chicago, L.A., and Boca Raton, Florida.

His painting style spans from a strong Braque/ Picasso cubist influence to a whimsical feel of Calder and Klee. Kurt Schwitters was his collage inspiration.

His work has been collected by Miles Davis, Madonna, Jamie Wyeth, Amy Irving, and artist’s Dan Rizzie and Tony Fitzpatrick.

“I used to be a starving artist, now I am a successful creative person with an eating disorder.”