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“I used to be a starving artist, now I am a successful creative person with an eating disorder.”


Robin Brisker

Wanaka resident since 2000, Chicago born 1954, lived, painted and exhibited in 10 countries.

Studied in:

San Francisco, California

San Miguel, Mexico

Paris, France

Robin Brisker decided in 1975 that creating art was his calling since it meant he never had to get up too early in the day.

His style is unconventional since he refuses to be locked into any one genre. Picasso, Matisse, Leger, Schwitters, Basquiat, Schiele, and Margriite are just a few of his influences.


His client list includes Miles Davis, Madonna, Jamie Wyeth and ex-Mrs. Steven Spielberg (Amy Irving)


In Wanaka, his work can be found at: Patagonia, Paddon's Paddock Winery, Wanaka Library, Elmslie House, Cork Bar, Hook Fishery & Eatery and many private homes.  



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